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Singhbin Brand
Singhbin's Soy Sauce and Gluten-Free Sauces maintain a rigorous commitment to quality throughout the entire production process, from sourcing raw materials and ingredients to employing precise production methods, resulting in high-quality finished products.
We are the manufacturer of soy sauce or soya sauce, and food seasonings, dedicated to upholding ancient Chinese production methods celebrated for their unique taste, aroma, and colour that cannot be replicated by modern machinery. This is because it requires a blend of science and art, a tradition handed down from Chinese ancestors with a history spanning over 100 years, which has since evolved into an industrial production facility.

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Singhbin Brand

The time-honoured art of preparation, with a history of over 100 years,

transitioned into an industrial production facility in the year 2526 B.E. (1983) in Damnuensaduak District, Ratchaburi Province, bearing the SINGHBIn product brand. This legacy, from the past to the present, is now in its 3rd generation.

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